Meca Life | Registration
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1.  Review Pre-Requisite

Contact Us for support if necessary

2.  Review Pre-Readings

3.  Complete Registration Forms

4.  Complete Payment


1.  Pre-Requisite

Two-week Detoxification prior to event.

From Sept 20th to Oct 4th, abstain completely from the following items: negative/derogatory language, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, recreational drugs, *prescription drugs.

If you feel you will experience difficulty with any items on this list, PLEASE CONTACT ERIKA or MICHAEL.

*Tapering from prescription drugs may be necessary.         PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE.

Book an appointment with Erika to discuss tapering schedules for your prescription drugs. Opportunity to taper off your medication will vary depending on your condition, current lifestyle, influencing factors, medication type, and dosing schedule.

Erika@MECA.Life   or   Michael@MECA.Life

604.388.MECA  *  778.834.5204(cel)


3.  Registration Forms

Please complete both REGISTRATION & CONSENT forms and email to Erika@MECA.Life prior to Sept 20th, 2019.



4. Payment

Early Bird Registration: $900 CAD, by June 30, 2019

Regular Registration:  $1100 CAD, by August 31, 2019 

Please make payment via eTransfer to:


INVOICE can be requested via above email.

RECEIPT will be sent following payment.

Payment Plans considered upon request.