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Experience Yourself:

Substance-Free. Stimulus-Free. Judgement-Free. Stress-Free.

Experience You:

In Your Deepest Depths and Highest Heights.

Raw, Real, Exposed, Vulnerable.

And Love It … Love You!


Experience Yourself:  In Harmony with You. In Harmony with Nature. In Harmony with Others.

Learn skills and information necessary to move into INTEGRITY with Yourself & Others.

Bring a Partner, a Friend, a Parent, a Child, a Loved One…

Work with Yourself First. Then discover how to dis-entangle from those closest to you, so to navigate with them in a new way of Love.

Learn how to extrapolate beyond the workshop setting, to BRING this new way of BEING, HOME WITH YOU!! 

INTEGRATE what you have learned and who you have become, into EVERY aspect of your Life: every partnership, every interaction, every moment!

Many in this world are currently “stuck” in the SEEKING phase of growth: speaker after speaker; workshop after workshop; retreat after retreat (That’s right, I’m working my way out of a job here!). Following the Pilgrimage (which is the act of seeking), comes INTEGRATION. Integration is the essential next step; we MUST take the time to practice and implement what we have learned. While this may feel awkward at first – and you’ll notice others feeling awkward around you – soon you will become familiar with your new way of Being, and those around you will either shift with you or drift away on their own.


-Enjoy a Vegetarian Diet

-Learn basic physiology and biochemistry of your body.

-Learn how nutrients and hydration affect your physiology and influence your emotional and psychological wellbeing.

-Learn & Practice Yoga, Conscious Breathing, Hydrotherapy, Forest Bathing, and Guided Meditation

-Learn advanced styles of communication with yourself and others.

Let Go of Your Victimhood and Struggle in Life.

-Let us trigger you and learn how to work through it without mounting a stress response.

-Experience confrontation at your preferred level (mild, moderate, intense) and learn to navigate through it gently, lovingly, and stress-Free!

-Learn, experience, and share deep self inquiry and introspection.

-Learn how to re-perceive and re-interpret “trauma” as lessons and opportunities.

Embrace the Magnificence of Your own Creative Being.

-Learn how to accept 100% Responsibility for every single event and situation in your life.

Liberate Yourself from projection, blame, and escape tendencies.

Become the Watcher of the Thinker! Learn to OBSERVE your ego/intellect and BE Compassionate and Gentle in your responses to Yourself and Others.

Become an active Participant in Your own Experience of Life!

– Learn how to be observant of Yourself and simultaneously participate in the present moment of your experience.

-Experience Healing from our Guest Facilitators:

Musical Performance by Chop Sticks Haul Water (Eliya Waxman).

Sound Healing with Cindy Babyn.

Si Si Wiss Medicine Circle with members from the Red Cedar Circle.

Itinerary: October 4-8, 2019

Friday, October 4:
8:10a. Ferry arrives in Langdale. Walk to YMCA (Luggage will be transported)
9a. Registration & Settle-In
10a. Workshop (Lodge): Share Your “Story” … It’s the last time you will!
12p. Lunch & Personal Time

1p. Documentary: Water: The Great Mystery

2p. Workshop (Lodge):  Lifestyle Choices & Body Chemistry … The Chicken & The Egg
4p. Workshop (Lodge): Conscious Breathing
5p. Guided Meditation (Outside): Breathe with Tree
5:30p. Dinner & Personal Time
7p. Documentary:  Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

Saturday, October 5:
7a. Morning Yoga
7:45a. Hydrotherapy – Ocean Swim with drumming & ocean healing song
8a. Breakfast & Silent/Personal Meditation
9a. Workshop (Lodge): Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Speaks on Responsibility
10a. Worksop (Lodge): Active, Conscious Choice: OUT of Delusional Victimhood, IN to Enlightened Creator
12p. Lunch & Personal Time
1p. Workshop (Lodge): Advanced Communication & Interrelation: Part 1. Language Choice & Neurolinguistics
2:30p. Yoga / Forest Walk / Breathing Circle
3p. Workshop (Lodge): Advanced Communication & Interrelation: Part 2. Art of Listening
5p. Dinner & Personal Time
6-9p. Sound Healing with Cindy Babyn

Sunday, October 6:
7a. Morning Yoga
7:45a. Hydrotherapy – Ocean Swim with drumming & ocean healing song
8a. Breakfast & Silent/Personal Meditation
9a. Workshop (Lodge): Advanced Communication & Interrelation:  Part 3.1. Introspection: Identifying Patterns
11:30a. Forest Bathing / Guided Meditation with Breath
12p. Lunch & Personal Time
1p. Workshop (Lodge): Advanced Communication & Interrelation:  Part 4. Electro-Magnetic Energy Fields
4p. Guided Meditation (Lodge): Accessing Your Body’s Bio-Computer
5p. Dinner & Personal Time
6p. Live Musical Performance: CSHW ; Song & Dance Journey

Monday, October 7:
7a. Morning Yoga
7:45a. Hydrotherapy – Ocean Swim with drumming & ocean healing song
8a. Breakfast & Silent/Personal Meditation
9a. Workshop (Lodge): Advanced Communication & Interrelation:  Part 3.2. Introspection: Projection vs Reflection
11a. Workshop (Lodge): Advanced Communication & Interrelation: Part 3.3. Introspection: GENTLENESS
12p. Lunch & Personal Time

1p. Guided Meditation (Outside): Drumming/Spirit Journey (Cedar Roots into earth vs Animal Spirit)

2p. High Ropes Course

3p. Voyageur Canoe Journey w/ Drumming
5p. Dinner & Personal Time
7p. Red Cedar Circle: Drumming & Song/Prayer Circle with traditional Si Si Wiss Medicine
9p. Camp Fire

Tuesday, October 8:
7a. Morning Yoga
7:45a. Hydrotherapy – Ocean Swim with drumming & ocean healing song
8a. Breakfast & Silent/Personal Meditation
9a. Workshop (Lodge): Advanced Communication & Interrelation: Part 5. DreamWorks
11a. Forest Bathing
12p. Lunch & Personal Time
1p. Workshop (Lodge): Experience with Time
2p. Discussion Circle (Lodge)
4p. Personal Time & Packing
5p. Walk to Ferry
5:25p. Ferry Departure – Langdale

Workshop Descriptions


!Water IS Life!

Hydrotherapy is Medicine! The Most Effective & The Cheapest!

Allow the Ocean to Embrace You & Revitalize You!

Invigorate Your Vitality! Fuel Your Inner Fire!

Stimulate Circulation. Enjoy easy Cardio Activity. Boost Your Immune System. Absorb Ocean Minerals.

Quite Your Mind. Still Your Heart. Surrender to the Ocean…

Forest Bathing

Contributing Teachers

Transformational Coach

Genieve Morison

Genieve is a certified health coach and international professional dancer! Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, and graduate of the Health Coach Institute, Genieve now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

She is the Creator and Heart of Empowered Living, a transformational coaching practice;

and this year celebrates 15 years in her passion as a dance instructor.

Her early-life experience in dance sparked her interest in health, wellness, self-exploration and transformation; leading her into the focus and passion of self-care which evolved into her calling for helping others better understand themselves and how to move into a world of self-love, self-respect, and achieving dreams!

Genieve will guide you in understanding that YOU must take responsibility for where you are in life, empower yourself to take control, and produce outcomes that nourish your heart and soul. She will help YOU discover within yourself, self-confidence, heightened inner and outer awareness, freedom, love, bravery, courage, vulnerability, and more.

She is passionate and inspired to help YOU progress forward in your life journey, and we are honoured to have her join our team of co-facilitators!

Read more about Genieve HERE.

CSHW – Live Musical Performance

Eliya Waxman

Chop Sticks Haul Water (CSHW) is a living example of Languaging Peace.

Eliya has spent his life actively committed to personal development. Throughout decades of growth, he has devoted himself to the composition of lyrical music reflecting the Love and Joy known in his own Heart. The melodic beauty of these songs will lift your Spirit, as his lyrics guide you deep within Yourself. Each lyric is intentionally chosen for resonant frequency and ability to invoke Peace, Love, & Harmony within You, the Listener.

Language Choice is the art of Languaging Peace.

Cindy Babyn shares live sound healing music in yoga classes, rehabilitation centres, groups sound and massage therapy sessions. Cindy plays 20+ instruments from around the world, including gongs, chimes, crystal singing bowls, Himalayan bowls, and more. Cindy also provides private sound healing sessions, combined with compassionate listening, crystal placements, Tarot card pulls, and technologies, including: Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) mat, amethyst crystal bed, and therapeutic ultrasound. Cindy Babyn has two sound healing albums available on CD Baby, Spotify, and Itunes.

Sound Healing – Cindy Babyn

Journey into the depths of relaxation and rebalancing with this special sound healing workshop and session. Cindy Babyn will speak about the principles of sound healing, New Age philosophies regarding sound and the chakras, and will describe the special instruments. Then, settle in to experience a group sound healing session with acoustic instruments from around the world (gongs from Bali & China, quartz crystal singing bowls, Himalayan bowls from Nepal & Tibet, tanpura, Hapi Drums, brain tuning forks, chimes and more). The evening will conclude with an opportunity to ask questions, share feedback, and a chance for you to try the instruments!
Sound healing involves playing live music that sends gentle and smooth acoustic sound waves through the body. We hear sound with our ears and we also feel and perceive sound through our entire body. Sound healing is an opportunity to receive an internal sound massage and to be realigned harmoniously at the cellular level. Chanting or singing can also be incorporated as sound healing. Instruments like gongs, crystal singing bowls, chimes and tuning forks are largely played in a trance-like style: music that is not strongly melodious or rhythm-driven. The combination of the instruments’ sound waves and playing style allows a person to let go and rest deeply. Some may journey ‘in the mind’s eye’ through a colour spectrum or through space and time – much like how music can be used in traditional Shamanistic or indigenous practises. Receiving sound healing is a gentle modality that helps people reduce their stress, feel balanced, rested, peaceful, and renewed. 
Learn more at:

Red Cedar Circle – Gathering

Learn Medicine Teachings of the Pacific North West.

Remember the Medicine within Yourself.

Remember Your connection to All of Life.

Carriers of this Remembrance are spread wide across the land, found in skin of every colour, and bodies of every gender.  You will recognize them. They come with OPEN HEARTS. They speak with SACRED BREATH.

This IS the Red Cedar Circle.

Michael and I are honoured to host a gathering of members of the Red Cedar Circle as a closing offering to this Experience Yourself Sanctuary.

Your active participation as an honorary member of this Circle will inspire a rootedness within Yourself and to Mother Earth, like none you have experienced before!

Sadhguru Speaks – Jaggi Vasudev

“As there is a science and technology to create external wellbeing, there is a whole dimension of science and technology for inner wellbeing.” – Sadhguru


Lodge: Hosts 32 people.

Sleeping: Dormitory-Style Bunk Beds. 4 Beds per Room.

Option upon Request: 2 People/Room OR Private Room

Mattress & Pillow provided. Lockers available.

BRING YOUR OWN: Sleeping bag/Linens

Bathroom: 4 full bathrooms with standup showers.

BRING YOUR OWN: Towel & Toiletries

Amenities: Large Common Area with Fireplace & Kitchenette. Outdoor patio.

BRING YOUR OWN: Snacks if desired.

ALL MEALS INCLUDED in registration fee.



Breakfast Entrees:  Breakfast wraps; Pancakes; French Toast

Endless Breakfast Bar: Oatmeal; Granola; Fresh Fruit; Yogurt; Boiled eggs

Lunch Entrees:  Tacos; Fajitas; Burritos; Soup & Sandwich

Endless Lunch Bar: Salad; Soup du Jour; Fresh Fruit

Dinner Entrees: Lasagna; Stir-Fry; Spagetti; Shepherd’s Pie; Baked Beans w Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Endless Dinner Bar: Salad; Fresh Fruit; Dessert



1760 YMCA Road, Gibsons, BC
Phone: 604-886-2025

Travel: CAR-FREE!

Arrive at Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

Follow Airport signs to SKYTRAIN.

Board any train that arrives in YVR skytrain station.

Continue north on Canada Line.

Disembark at “Vancouver City Centre” station.

Exit Skytrain Station.

Cross intersection (Granville & W. Georgia) to kitty corner.

Board Bus #257 Express HorseshoeBay.

Arrive at Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal.

Purchase WALK-ON ticket to LANGDALE (7:30am Ferry).

Arrive at Langdale Ferry Terminal and meet your hosts at 8:15am

WALK to the sanctuary venue.

Luggage will be shuttled upon request.